What is TryMusicSource?

TryMusicSource.com is a music retailer and music label for people who love music. Since our start TryMusicSource.com has been at the heart of Epic Interactive Media Inc.. We believe music is the forefront for all art and should continued to be enjoyed by the masses. At TryMusicSource.com, you set your explorations in motion with a dynamic assortment of features we’ve designed to tap into your individual tastes and lead you to music you’ll love—wherever your curiosity may take you.

How TryMusicSource.com works.

After exploring our catalog, you can purchase your new discoveries à la carte at any time. Or become an TryMusicSource.com Member to save 10-25% on music, with all tracks priced at just $0.99 each. With membership being 100% absolutely free, every penny goes directly towards downloading music. You can also change, supplement, or cancel your membership whenever you’d like.

How to Discover New Music

Everyone’s path to discovery is different, so we designed our exploration features to be as diverse as they are entertaining. As starting points, our staff singles out new albums and bands through Interviews and Editors’ Picks. With Infinite Explorations, meanwhile, you can set off on a path of endless discovery beginning with any artist you have in mind. Dig further into a musician’s catalog with our intuitive Search engine, and steer your explorations in new directions with our powerful Browse function.