Music Label

Welcome to Music Label…!!!


What we do provides quality help with producing records, design packaging and promotions, create marketing plans, build relationships with writers, contacting broadcasters to get your music on the air, track your sales and exploit licensing opportunities. We free up your time so you can perfect your craft, as a true artist should.

We will be your Creative Team

We will clearly define and understands your music and career goals. This is done by meeting with you and analyzing your type of music and structuring it in away that it meets the industry demand but at the same time letting your creative skills flow.

The Creative Team focus

1) Production. Will provide studio time and an experienced engineer who will help mixing and mastering your music.

2) Manufacturing. We’ll monitor the manufacturing at every stage of the process and ensure that the quality of your music is high. Your music is an extension of you and we’ll make a good impression the first time around.

3) Distribution. We focus on global distribution. We’ll have your music for sale in brick and mortar retail stores like BestBuy, Costco, Amoeba Music and Walmart, plus, all the major online distribution channels like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, eMusic and of course We’ll also handle your song publishing and sync licensing. We’ll also track your sales and pay royalties on a regular basis.

4) Marketing and Promotion. We do online and offline marketing. Our online marketing consist of setting up an artist webpage, driving targeted traffic, sending out artist newsletters and updates, booking shows and getting music aired on the radio stations.  Our offline marketing, consist of  street teams, free CD handouts, flyer’s and T-shirts to create brand awareness and keep you relevant.

5) Media. We also use social media as away to keep you in close contact with your fan base.  We engage your fan base through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. We also use traditional media like magazines, newspapers, TV News Station and  radio to find new fans. We always communicate in a compelling way to attract people attention. We’ll work with you to come up with fresh content for your audience.

We believe in the old adage: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To succeed as an artist, you must partner with an established label who can guide and assist you. Don’t leave every last responsibility to yourself, or assume everything will work out on its own. Know exactly what you need to do. Have a plan. Cover the bases and let us be that plan.


If this sound like something for you, first make sure you meet the requirements and  then sign up.  Our team will evaluate your music and contact you with an offer.

This is the future of music…!!!

1.     Must have your own written music.
2.     Must fill out an application and Artist agreement form.
3.     All music and written music must be yours.
When signing up, please leave;
1.     Full legal name
2.    Email address
3.    Contact information (phone #)
4.    Type of music preformed
And that’s it….!!! See you at the top…!!!  Also, don’t forget to visit our other sites.