Artist Marketing  & Promotions

1.     Post links, Artist pictures and Artist music in all top Social Networks like Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, Google Buzz, YouTube and others.  This is done 24 hours a day nonstop around clock.
2.     We create Artist Newsletters with links on where to buy Artist music, view Artists bio’s, concert/club performance, music video’s, artist commercials and whatever else you can think of.  We blast out newsletters to over 2,000,000 email address weekly.  We can also, limit your newsletters to concentrated location by State, County, and City etc. You tell us, we’ll do it…!!!
3.     We come up with creative contest to get the artist “like” button constantly getting hit. We make you standout and above the crowd as an Artist.
4.     We create and monitor artist Social Media pages and Web page for the artist and always remain profession and positive outlook for the artist with just the right amount of swag…!!!
5.     We setup Google, Yahoo, and Bing campaigns to drive traffic to your artist page to make the world know what they’re missing out on…!!!
6.     We contact the News Media and setup interviews so they can write news articles for the Artist. 
1.     We have a street team that we send to location of your choice that plays your music and    handout samples of your CD’s, Flyers and T-Shirts etc.
2.     We do print advertisement like airplane banners, sky writing and apparel.
3.     Our Branding helps increase produce awareness and provide product information directly to the potential customer.
Get started today…!!!  We customize packages based on your budget…!!!