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Welcome to our music store. We are known for our high quality MP3’s and $.99 cent singles of every genre. We strongly believe that we are the best place to buy cheap MP3 Downloads, and we are confident that you will too!


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What We Do

Our innovative and forward-thinking team is constantly working to make the best place to buy Cheap MP3 Downloads. We are a division of Epic Interactive Media Incorporated—a Digital Marketing agency which also owns and manages a variety of eCommerce websites. The Music Store at distributes all genres of music, and features high quality MP3 singles at only $.99.  To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, use the drop-down menus above and filter by genre, date, title, popularity and prices. You can also search specific artists, albums, and songs just by using our simple search engine in the top right corner. It’s that simple!


In addition to being the best place to buy Cheap MP3 Downloads, we also provide a range of services including our Music LabelMarketing Services and Management Services.  We also offer a free Music Blog to help new artists better understand the music industry.

Music Label

Our Music Label has three functions. The first function of the site serves as a Music Label where we sign artists to a variety of music contracts. We are very flexible when it comes to signing artists. We offer single deals, including LP deals, one-album deals, and multi-album deals. We diligently work with the artist to create a contract that best suits their interests and needs. The second function of the site serves as a Marketing Service.  If the artist wants to stay independent and avoid signing a record deal, we offer marketing services to help build their brand.  These services consist of online and offline services, including radio air play, street teams, website management, social media marketing, and more. Our third function of the site is a Management Service. Our management services will help guide your career by finding you the right producers, writers, sound, performance agent, and creative team. If the artist decides that the label isn’t for them after using our services, we will happily shop your work around to record labels like Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and more.


Again, don’t mind us—we’re just inspiring to be become the best place to buy Cheap MP3 Downloads! We hope you found our website helpful and entertaining. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with personal suggestions and recommendations, because we LOVE hearing from you!